This page contains a summary of charts types, and links to a few chart sources.

Summary of Chart Types:

NavPak supports a wide variety of commercial nautical chart and map formats, including the free NOAA ENC and BSB charts. NavPak includes numerous sample charts which illustrate the differences in chart formats. Almost all commercially available charts are made from the same paper charts. The paper charts are made by national hydrographic agencies. Using NavPak, you can quickly flip between C-Map, S-57 ENC and raster charts with the press of a key.

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C-Map vector chart


Maptech Truchart

BSB format

S57 ENC chart

Scan Your Own chart
Paper charts have 4 scale catagories: World or General charts, Offshore charts, Approach charts, and Harbour charts. Since digital charts are made from paper charts, the detail levels are the same. The following charts produced by Global Navigation Software show the 4 scale catagories:

World or General chart

Offshore chart

Approach chart

Harbour chart
The following 2 charts by Softchart International show opposite ends of the scale spectrum:

World or General chart

Harbour chart
Vector charts are made from paper charts, of various detail levels, integrated into a database. The following screen shots show most of the detail levels contained in C-Map data.

World Map

Level A

Level B

Level C

Level D

Level E
Sample Charts Included with NavPak:

All release copies include a group of sample raster charts chosen for the geographic point of sale. In addition, release copies include C-Map world wide coverage in levels A and B. This is equivalent to a complete set of World and Offshore charts.

This is the C-Map world map.
The gray outlines show the A and B levels.
Level A covers the whole world, and level B covers all the coast lines,
plus offshore areas such as Hawaii and Polynesia.
This shows Level B detail.
When you install a C-Map region, you will see outlines for levels A through G.
You can quickly browse the world map and detail areas with
mouse clicks and/or the key board.
Chart Sources:
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