Down Load NavPak CE Edition Demo Program

NavPak CE is made for Windows CE tablets, panel PCs, laptops, and anything else that runs Windows CE version 3 or later. NavPak CE was written to use the standard minimum core kernel of Windows CE so that it should be compatible with almost any Windows CE computer. Windows CE gives the performance of compiled C code on Android hardware prices. The display speed is super fast, even on big color charts. The NavPak CE demo contains a working copy of the program without the electronic interface for GPS plotting. The demo can be used as a chart viewer, and for navigation by traditional techniques. It also has a GPS Simulator that can be used as a DR function. If you are comfortable finding your way around using traditional navigation, then grab your charts and you are ready to go with free navigation software.

The NavPak CE Edition demo program is a zip file which contains the executable file: NavPakCE.exe, help file: NavPak_ce_help.chm, and a ReadMe text file. Updated Sept 5, 2013.   Copy the executable file to your CE device and it is ready to run.  No unpacking, installation, supporting files, or system changes are necessary.  Tap on the executable file in Windows CE to start, or setup an icon on the desktop.
[Down Load NavPak-CE Edition Demo]

Quick Tour of NavPak CE

Down Load Sample Charts:

Charts for NavPak CE are available from a wide variety of souces, including the free NOAA ENC and RNC charts.
[Down Load S-57 SENC] Boston to Manchester. This is a group of S-57 ENC cells integrated into a single chart using MapSetup.
[Down Load S-57 SENC] San Diego Harbor. This is an S-57 cell converted to a NavPak SENC chart with MapSetup.
[Down Load S-57 SENC] Southern California. This is a group of S-57 ENC cells integrated into a single chart using MapSetup.
[Down Load Sample Topo map by USGS]7.5 minute map of the midwest US.

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