Global Navigation Software Company

Global Navigation Software Company

Global Navigation Software Company

Producer of NavPak & MapSetup

NavPak is a GPS navigation program, available in various editions for PC and Pocket PC computers. All editions feature stable, high speed graphics, which handle a wide variety of chart formats. Compatible with commercially available digital charts, and USGS Topographical maps, or scan your own charts and maps. It is compatible with virtually all GPS units and other instruments that are NMEA standard, such as RADAR, AIS, DSC, compass, log, etc... Use it with a GPS only or to build an Integrated Bridge System. NavPak was designed for marine navigation, and it is also being used for aeronautical navigation, off road navigation, oceanographic research, and surveying.
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NavPak will read and plot Notices to Mariners and Light Lists
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NavPak Android and Kindle App for Celestial Navigation
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NavPak Star Compass for Android Smart Watches
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NavPak Calculator for Watches, Phones, and Tablets
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Sample Charts and Demo Programs for Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10
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Sample Charts and Demo Programs for Windows Mobile or Pocket PC
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Sample Charts and Demo Programs for Windows CE
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Global Navigation Software Co.

5026 West Point Loma Blvd., San Diego, CA 92107-1313, USA

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Supplier of navigation software since 1984.

Member of The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA).

Member of The Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers # 4568750.

Professional member of The Institute of Navigation # 020639.

Member of The US Naval Institute #204476.

Proud Contributor to YMCA.

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Global Navigation Software Company


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