NavPak-Pro, NavPak-Lite, NavPak CE, and NavPak Pocket Edition have the following features:

All versions support a wide variety of digital chart formats, and offer the fastest display speed available on a chart plotter. Pixel aliasing produces deep, rich colors. Provides 4 zoom levels, and a Thumbnail window.

NavPak Pro is compatible with the following chart formats: S-57 ENC, MapTech, BSB, ChartKit, NDI, NOS, SoftChart, C-map NT and MAX charts, and Geo-Tiff, or scan your own charts and maps and calibrate with MapSetup (included).

NavPak Pocket, Pilot Pocket, and NavPak CE are compatible with the following chart formats: S-57 ENC, BSB, NDI, NOS, SoftChart, and Geo-Tiff, or scan your own charts and maps and calibrate with MapSetup (included).

S-63 Encrypted ENC charts are also supported.

The ENC charts are available free from NOAA for US waters, and they are also available for many other parts of the world. Outside of US waters, ENC charts are frequently encrypted in the S-63 standard. These can be used with the NavPak_S63_Decrypter program. NavPak-Pro can use C-Map charts on CD ROM, CF memory card (with a PCMCIA adapter), or it will interface to a C-Map USB or MM cartridge reader. NavPak Pocket Edition uses C-Map charts on CF memory cards.

NMEA interface for GPS or Loran. Connect directly to your PC serial port or USB port, no interface card required. The Professional Edition can use 6 serial or USB ports simultaneously (see below).

Plots your position and track on the chart. Save track on disk as a voyage log. Each track point contains position, time, date, speed, course, Also you can add names and notes to each track point.

Automatically scrolls chart and loads next chart as your position moves. Accurately handles skewed and odd shaped charts while traveling at high speed. Track on one CD ROM while looking at the charts on another CD.

Read, write and edit way points, and provide dynamic course and distance to a way point. Save way points and routes to pre-plan a voyage, or mark a position while underway.

Transfer way points between your PC computer and GPS. Compatible with most popular GPS units.

Displays speed (SOG) and course (COG), updated every 2 seconds.

Plot bearings and lines relative. Bearings can be used to triangulate your position without a GPS. Lines relative simulate a traditional Maneuvering Board,and DR positioning.

Measure distance and direction. Easy point and click operation.

Graphical user interface is very easy to use while very fast and capable.

Double-click on a track point, way point, or inside a chart outline, and the Search function will pop-up a dialog box with information about the item. This keeps all the necessary information easily accessible without a cluttered screen.

Time-Speed-Distance calculator.

Suggested retail price of NavPak-Lite: US$ 135. Suggested retail price of NavPak Pocket Edition: US$ 149.

NavPak Professional Edition adds the following features:

Interface for, GPS, compass, log, radar, autopilot, AIS, DSC, depth sounder and wind instruments.

No multiplexer required, Navpak talks to 6 serial ports simultaneously. The GPS and autopilot can share a port, which leaves 5 available for other instruments.

ARPA interface plots RADAR targets, cursor position, variable range markers and electronic bearing lines on your chart in real-time. Click on a RADAR target to show detailed information.

Video window to interface with RADAR or video camera using a regular PC Video Capture card or USB camera.

AIS interface plots AIS targets on the screen. Click on an AIS target to show detailed information.

DSC interface plots DSC targets on the screen. Click on a DSC target to show detailed information.

Displays VMG relative to a waypoint, based on GPS fixes, updated every 2 seconds.

Displays real-time current set and drift when interfaced with a compass and log.

Drag & Drop route editing, reverse route, and convert a route to way points.

Simultaneous range and bearing to a mark and way point, with flashing indicator lines, updated every 2 seconds.

Flashing Proportional Ship Outline and Range Ring.

Flashing predictor line, shows boat heading. This can be switched to use HDT, HDG, HDM or VHW from an electronic compass, or Course Over Ground from a GPS unit. The Predictor Line length can be controlled using speed and time.

The track functions are similar to the Lite Edition, except that the Professional Edition also logs info from the connected instruments and has a comment field for each track point.

Web Vessel tracking using an AIS and an Internet connection.

Celestial sight reduction and plotting. Star and planet finder.

Plot great circles and rhumb lines and advance LOPs with simple point-and-click operation.

Screen can be used without a chart as a traditional plotting sheet with grid.

Freehand drawing tools.

Save all drawing and plotting as a graphic log.

Simulator function. Simulates GPS, RADAR, AIS, compass and log.

Suggested retail price of NavPak-Professional: US$ 248.

All editions include:

NavPak Pro includes world wide C-Map coverage in Offshore and General scales.
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