Singapore Pilot

NavPak makes the piloting job easier and less stressful.....more reliable than the others we tested.

Mr Kay, Singapore Pilot, (Harbour Pilot since 1976)

Commercial Tug Operator:

I downloaded NavPak after the program we used on the tug crashed and froze up the computer again. I wanted updated charts and I wanted a program that was stable and accurate. After much research I found NavPak and actually downloaded the software between the Hell Gate and 59th street bridge on the East River. In the time it took for the boat to reach the UN building NavPak was up and running and I haven't had any problems since. After using the program on an extended basis and talking with the developer I can't express any further the reliability and flexibility of this software. From a professionals point of view this is the best navigational software available on the market. There are no other programs out there that offer the support and versatility that NavPak delivers. This is truly navigational software written by a navigator for navigators.

Brody Jones

Penn Maritime, New York

Stevens Institute of Technology:

In the Coastal Engineering program at Stevens Institute of Technology, we use laptop PC's to collect and log data from state of the art current meters and depth sounders. We require this data to be collected along precise routes in order to model current behavior in both the coastal and estuarine environments. NavPak Pro and MapSetup 32 permit us to utilize our current DGPS and laptops more efficiently and in a better way than we have ever been able to before and at an unbelievable cost. Not only have we obtained real time viewing of our position on the NOAA charts, we have NEVER before been able to combine our own prints with the NOAA charts for real time viewing. IT REALLY WORKS. Now our boat operators have a large laptop display of their actual position, they know exactly where they are on the chart in real time, and they have all the visual clues of a full color chart or site plan to compare with what they are seeing out the window. We get a super accurate record of our position with the track feature, and we are able to automatically record at intervals down to a few seconds to get the data we need, when and where we need it. I admittedly have a bit more computer experience than the average user, but was loading and digitizing our own charts and logging data and exporting position and time data within a single morning because: 1) the software makes sense, and 2) the manual is easy to follow. I can't say enough good things about this whole experience. You make an excellent product. Keep up the good work.

Brian J Fullerton

Research Engineer

Davidson Laboratories at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

Excerpt from Blue Water Sailing magazine (Sept 2000):

NavPak Pro is more than a chart reading program. It is a full service navigation tool... to transform the nav table into a digital command center. NavPak Pro stacks up very well against the others in the fleet, and once you get the hang of the programs logical flow and command structure, you can really make it fly. ... NavPak Pro is also a real bargain.

From the section: "New and Noteworthy", by Blue Water Sailing magazine.

Excerpt from Ocean Navigator magazine (Sept/Oct 99):

NavPak...does basic, solid electronic charting at a modest cost and on modest hardware if necessary. Only seaPro 2000 and NavPak offer facilities that attach notations securely to a chart; in every other program, it is too easy to turn off an important mark accidentally. ...fastest on minimal hardware configurations.

From the article: "Special Section: Electronic Charts", by Ben Ellison.

Professional navigator, and vessel master from Japan:

NavPak is number 1 navigation software. We extensively tested it on small boats, fishing boats, and large ships, and we judge that it is suitable for voyages on these vessels. It is easy to use and it is also very complete, and inexpensive.

Captain Jiro Nawa, Japan

Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of fisheries:

Greetings. Congratulation on publication of Navigation Soft (NavPak-Pro Japanese Edition). Since World War II. In last century, rapid development of our Electrotechnology is Overwhelmingly amazing. Our almost accomplished studied, (Geo-Navigation) and (Celestial Navigation) are still in existence, however navigation system have taken complete change to GPS(DGPS), RADAR(ARPA RADAR) Only vessel operation technique at the leave shore and come alongside have not changed, fundamentally. In this fast changing electronic world, (specifically Computer) and satellite, it seams our seaman’s license, A Class Captain, which required hard studies to receive it, does not hold any values in modern navigation, it only remains to be used as basic seamanship and exist as independent theory. Therefore, please accept Highest congratulations from an old sea man who spent life long in the Sea Navigation. So far position direction course,(Position Line Navigation),another word(Coastal Navigation),and (Geo-Navigation) determine position of the ship by Chart works. Since 1946, Electric Instruments Aids to Navigation-Radar, Loran have been accepted, One after another development of GPS and the Computer made our traditional navigation almost became useless, Navigation tool keep up with become to modern ENC and Electronics Navigation times has come Now. In our country the Navigation Soft and Device could not progress except the ECDIS. But this new Navpak-Pro Japanese Edition give to our people the top level navigation for smaller ship, boat and fishing-boat. because NavPak Soft Run on the windows 98 up any type. Also NavPak format chart and one part of the Navigation soft can use PDA ( Pocket PC ) of course your position by GPS and Track too. I pray the voyage which the safety of Sea-Man of the world is to in gratitude for Solon (Pete) Palmer, III. With kind regards, Old Navigator Yukiyasu Sasaki,

profile: Mr. Yukiyasu Sasaki, Prof. Emeritus, Tokyo Univ. of Fisheries, EX-Commander & Captain, Training Vessel Univ. of Fisheries Tokyo, and Former Japan Navy Destroyer fleet Chief Navigator.

Ocean Navigator School Of Seamanship (ONSOS) chose NAVPAK PRO

April 21 2005 marked the departure date for John Carlisle and his ONSOS students aboard Star Clipper’s magnificent 5-masted ship, SV Royal Clipper...the largest full-rigged ship in the world! ( ). The voyage began in Barbados and 16 days later (one stop in Sao Miguel, Azores) ended on the Costa del Sol in Malaga, Spain. The ONSOS Seminar was titled Celestial Navigation and Voyage Planning. The students were from all walks of life and boating experience; one goal tied them all together; they wanted to finally comprehend fully how Celestial Navigation works and be able to truly navigate at sea using a sextant. In addition to that worthy goal, students were taught the essentials of Ocean Voyaging and that includes today’s myriad use of Electronic Charting. Enter NAVPAK PRO. John Carlisle surveyed all of the available Electronic Charting software that included Nobeltec, MaxSea, Sailor-on-Board, SeaClear, The Capn and Fugawi. After extensive use of these various programs the ONSOS Lead Instructor decided to use NAVPAK PRO for several simple reasons. NAVPAK interfaced with C-MAP Vector/RASTER charts faster and better than the others. Hassle free. Ease of use and the C-MAP charts looked cleaner and sharper using NAVPAK. NAVPAK seemed to acquire a GPS input faster and simpler than any other program. NAVPAK has a variety of useful navigation tools including Celestial Sight Reduction and Voyage Planning capability. NAVPAK is all-in-one. Every day when class began aboard ship, underway, the instructor presented the ship’s position by calling up NAVPAK. Students could see very clearly where they were and by scrolling, could see where they were headed. The NAVPAK TOOLS Menu proved to be effortless and useful. And NavPak is reasonably priced. Students took turns interfacing their own hand-held GPS units with NAVPAK. Without fail….their attempts were successful. On a daily basis, students experimented with NAVPAK by manipulating the easy-to-use menus and scrolling features.

Captain John Carlisle

Navigation instructor, Maritime Institute of Technology & Graduate Studies, Navigation instructor, Ocean Navigator School Of Seamanship.

Sailor from New Zealand:

I have been using NavPak for more than five years in the waters of the Arabian (Persian) Gulf and around the north of New Zealand. I really like the simple, clear layout, size and ease of use compared to other similar but more costly products. NavPak does everything I expect or need from a navigation package.

Alan Paul Beck, Business Development Manager, S T R A R C H_I N T E R N A T I O N A L_L I M I T E D

Transoceanic sailor from Spain:

I wish to inform you of the fantastic performance of your Navigation program in our 2700 mile dash across the Atlantic in 18.5 days. We have enjoyed the use of NavPak & my GPS. We landed safely SE of Martinique spot on with our computer screen , to the admiration of the British crew ....

A. SantaBarbara, Spain

Transoceanic sailor from the USA:

Thanks for sending chart 13288. All loaded perfectly. Used the software as intended in the passage to Bermuda, overplotting Gulfstream coordinates obtained from W-FAX and November-Mike-November on the North Atlantic area chart. It was a great help, especially figuring out how to avoid eddies south of the stream in 30-40 kn southerlies...

C. Lucas, USA
Another sailor from Spain:

I have intensively used NavPak with plenty of satisfaction. It has been a permanent help. NavPak helped me once to immediatelly discover that we where at serious risk. The misinterpretation of lights by an inexperienced shift while I was having a short sleep, put us in a very dangerous situation. He woke me up saying he couldn't spot one cardinal light. A quick look to the screen showed me our position. We where south of a North cardinal mark and north of the South cardinal mark, just 30 metres away from submerged rocks!. We immediatelly headed off of that place with no other consequence than a beating heart. If I should have had to read the GPS and look for our position on the paper map it would have taken me enough time to hit the rock.

J. Astray, Spain
Jones Maritime Services:

This product impressed me so much I asked the developer if I could market the software along with the systems we offer at Jones maritime. Being a tug operator on the east and gulf coast the product is constantly tested and improved upon each day.

Jones Maritime Services, US East and Gulf coasts

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