This is a quick look at NavPak Pocket Edition which consists of screen shots. More information is available in the NavPak Pocket Edition demo. Click here for demo:
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Typical navigation scenario showing GPS position, way point, route, track, line to active way point and heading predictor line. This is a typical BSB raster chart. NavPak is compatible with numerous commercial chart formats, or scan your own charts and maps.

Configuration dialog box, showing various settings. NavPak has dozens of other dialog boxes like this.

The Plotting sheet mode can be set to show a whole ocean, or a small area for close-in maneuvering. This screen shot shows great circles and chart boundaries on a whole ocean plotting sheet.

NavPak PE is compatible with C-Map vector charts.

C-Map is available on CF memory cards for Pocket PCs.

This shows C-Map zoomed out 2 steps.

NavPak Pocket Edition provides the same zoom and detail levels as NavPak-Pro.

When you tap-and-hold the stylus on the screen, a box pops up with frequently used functions.

The box on the top appears if C-Map is loaded, and the box on the bottom appears if a raster or S-57 chart is loaded.

NavPak PE is also compatible with S-57 ENC vector charts.

Features, such as soundings, symbols, and lines, can be turned on or off for clarity. Most of the features contain detailed attributes which are acessible with the Search function. If you Tap-And-Hold the stylus on a line, symbol or area, a dialog box will pop-up with feature Info.

This shows an S-57 ENC zoomed out to 12% to give a wide perspective.

The red frame on the Area Map shows the scroll position of the main window. You can quickly move around the chart by tapping on the Area Map. You can also pan by dragging the stylus on the main window, or with the rocker key on the Pocket PC.

This shows an S-57 ENC zoomed out to 25%.

This is another typical navigation scenario showing GPS position, heading predictor line, line to active way point, track and route lines. The active route leg and way point flash magenta, and the inactive route lines are green. The track is shown as red lines with circles at track points.

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